We offer professional marine and boat engine room cleaning services in Scotland. We’ve worked in Leith, Aberdeen and Fraserburgh. We are also prepared to work in the North East of England and travel as far down as Hull. Other works would be considered in other areas (home and abroad) if the projects were big enough.

Do you have a vessel that has:

  • Just undergone a major refit?
  • Had extensive modifications made to its machinery spaces?
  • Suffered after an engine room fire?
  • Had a grit blasting extraction gone wrong?
  • Or just needs a bit of hard graft to restore the overall level of cleanliness?

Then let us help get things back in order.

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Specialist Marine Cleaners

Our specialist engine room cleaning services are usually provided following a major dry-dock refit, an engine overhaul or an onboard fire. On many vessels this job is often left to the motormen (or other crew members) to complete when the boat sets sail on her next voyage – however, they’ll never clean it the way we will. Our work ensures your machinery spaces are virtually as clean as they were when the boat was new.

Not only do we create a brighter, safer, cleaner environment for your crew – we can also make your vessel a far more attractive investment. A newly repainted boat with all its certificates renewed ready to go out on a long charter might look like a great asset sitting in port – however, the benefits of sparkling clean machinery spaces can never be undersold and suggest, beyond all doubt, that the vessel has been very well maintained and cared for.

This extra care could just be the difference your business needs to separate your vessels to those of your competition. We can literally undertake any cleaning job onboard any vessel. With the right products, the right people and the right attitude – anything and everything can be achieved.

So, next time any of your vessels are due in dock to be repainted – please allow us to provide a quote to get the machinery spaces cleaned at the same time.