CCC approach towards the current Coronavirus threat


It’s fair to say that we’re all extremely concerned about the spread of this worrying new Coronavirus and we’re constantly seeking news updates to see how it is spreading whilst also hoping that it can be contained and, possibly, eradicated.

In the meantime, the government (and every newspaper in the land) are all demanding that we all put in place much stronger hygiene habits that can help the spread of infections right now in our workplace and homes every day. From travel bans to increasing levels of home working, self-isolation and even upping the cleaning output – firms and homes across the country are rightly concerned and most are taking responsible action.

Simple hygiene factors such as coughing or sneezing into a tissue and then afterwards washing your hands can help massively. Even keeping a small bottle of hand sanitizer (if you can get any now) on your desk and using before eating can again do so much to help keep you healthy and well.

At this time of year (our usual cold and flu season) we usually undertake quite a few deep cleans for existing clients involving everything from the sanitisation of phones and keyboards to regularly disinfecting all door handles across an office. This year we’ve seen increases in this type of service increase ten-fold with literally 4 or 5 enquiries coming in now every day from existing clients worried about what they can do right now to help minimise the risk of this infection reaching their offices.

Our approach to this threat

Whilst we have specialist cleaning products for some of these tasks (for example the specialist wipes, brushes and gels for cleaning keyboards) – others, like the chemical we are using on their door handles, are now being added to our every-day range that we can also use to clean desks and other surfaces that your staff will regularly come into contact with. The product is eco-friendly, smells great, is easy for our cleaners to apply and has the benefit of killing not just the Coronavirus but also HIV, Hepatitis C, MRSA, C. diff and Swine Flu amongst others. It has successfully passed all EN 14476 tests and we now have sufficient supplies of it and will be working over the next week to get this into all contracts where we will be using it as a matter of course across your highest use communal areas.

If you want to do more

For clients with higher levels of concern and want to go a level further we’re now targeting even more focus on their most high use areas such as:

  • All kitchen cabinet handles
  • Fronts and undersides of kitchen worktops
  • Microwave handle
  • Fridge handle
  • Light switches
  • Fronts of coffee machines with buttons
  • Under edges of dining room tables and benches
  • All door handles to offices and meeting rooms
  • Bathroom door handles
  • And anything else regularly touched by hands that may not form a part of the regular cleaning schedule.

To fulfil these additional cleaning tasks we are now providing this service on a nightly and weekly basis for a growing number of clients. So far, this is only increasing their existing cleaning schedule by an additional 2-3 hours per week and it isn’t a permanent increase to their contract – meaning it can be cancelled at any time.

What if someone in your office contracts the virus and you have to close?

We’re already in discussions with a few of our clients that are quite far down their emergency planning route and they’ve already asked us that if required – could we look after them if they required a full biohazard clean?

Whilst we’re office cleaners and not specialists in this field we do have the manpower, the knowledge and experience in cleaning your particular building and we also have the necessary access to the specialist chemicals to carry out the job. However, where we currently fall down is that we aren’t experienced in the field of fogging – which is the final process of cleaning that would eliminate any airborne particles of the virus.

I’ve attached a link here (not the best video) but shows you how this process would be carried out.

So, to help with this part of the job I’ve already searched out and met with an Edinburgh based company that have the equipment, the trained personnel and the chemicals needed for this task and we’re currently working through the details of how we’d be able to combine our efforts together to help you should the emergency arise.

For a full biohazard clean of your office you’d be looking at least some or all of the following tasks to be completed:

  • All desks to be cleaned down with specialist product
  • All phones and keyboards to be sanitised
  • Legs of desks and seats to be cleaned with specialist product
  • Bathrooms and kitchens to be deep cleaned
  • Carpets shampooed
  • Hard floors steam cleaned
  • Light switches and door handles cleaned with specialist product
  • All dishes and cutlery would need run through the dishwashers
  • All areas will then be fogged ensuring that the walls, ceilings, blinds and window fittings are all disinfected too.

How much would this all cost?

All jobs would have to be costed at the time of need. Naturally, the smaller the office the cheaper it will be. I imagine that some smaller client offices could be fully completed for under £800 whereas some of our larger client offices would be more than £2000 for just the carpet cleaning alone.

All prices would depend upon the availability of the following:

  • The number of staff needed to complete all the (by hand) cleaning tasks of this job
  • Overtime rates – prices dependant upon whether overnight or weekend cleaning
  • Costs (and availability) of materials, chemicals and protective safety wear
  • Size of carpeted areas to be shampooed
  • Time and chemicals required for the fogging process

As I’ve already said we’re not specialists in this area of cleaning and it’s definitely not an area that we’d ever look to move into. Our aim here is only to try and do what we can to be able to help you should the emergency arise and hopefully be able to provide you with everything you’d need at such a time.

If you’d much rather look to a specialist cleaning company for this service please give me a call and I can introduce you to two companies that I’ve already researched.

What if the Coronavirus badly affects Edinburgh?

If this happens then I’m afraid we’re all going to be in the same position. Just like your staff – our cleaners won’t be immune to this virus either and whilst we can operate at full function with 10-15% of staff off at any one time – if it goes beyond this then our ability to offer our standard services, let alone specialist deep cleans, will become severely limited.

At this time we would seek to bring on the emergency resources we would need to work through such a difficult period but realise that this could prove to be a trying time for us all and, if so, we’d do our very best to keep you fully informed and work with you doing what we could to get through this until normal services could resume.