CCC approach to Coronavirus version 3 updated 17/03/20

Following on from recent updates I just wanted to pull together this document to update you further on how we’re seeing things play out and some of the reactions and feedback we’ve been getting from clients. It’s fair to say that things are pretty far from business as usual with things changing every day. I’m sure there’ll be more developments in the next few days but here are things as they stand now. In this document I’m going to focus on:

  1. How other clients are approaching this
  2. What clients have asked us to do whilst they’ve closed their office
  3. Update of fogging and costs should the need arise
  4. Your continued support

How are other clients approaching this?

In the last update I let you know about some of the novel approaches some clients were taking to help minimise the risk of infection in their offices – this involved everything from buying door wedges to keep doors open (minimising touching handles) to other clients that had split their staff base into teams working on a rotational basis with them alternating between working from home and their office base. This update hasn’t got anything new to share in that respect but is more of an update of how other office managers are working through this;

  1. First place to start is that we currently don’t have any members of staff off ill or claiming that they have any symptoms of the virus.
  2. Secondly, we don’t have any clients that have reported any of their staff members being off with a confirmed case of the virus.
  3. 80% of our clients are still open and carrying on doing the best they can
  4. The clients that are still open have mostly opted for an increase to their cleaning schedules covering the points I listed in our previous updates.

We hope to be able to continue working with staff remaining infection free and to help with this we’re constantly reminding them all of the hygiene measures that they must vigilantly maintain and we’ve also purchased additional quantities of latex gloves for them to wear. Granted, these are small measures but with them now working with a coronavirus killing cleaning product this could be the difference between them remaining healthy or falling ill.

As I mentioned – most of our clients are still open and working hard to get through this using whatever measures possible. Some are using a combination of travel bans, working from home, upping the cleaning routines and rotating staff to make sure the business remains open. How long they can do that for I suppose will depend on government advice and whether any staff were to get infected. As I also mentioned – we do now have a few clients that have already made the decision to close. Some indefinitely whilst others are going to make decisions on a fortnightly basis.

What clients have asked us to do whilst they’ve closed their office

So far, all clients that have closed are doing so without a fixed date in mind of when they’ll reopen again. We all know that this is only a temporary measure although we don’t know how long it will be for. These clients are either in technical sectors or are heavily administration/sales led businesses where virtually all staff can work from home without affecting business continuity.

Fortunately, all these clients have agreed to support us whilst things run their course. We understand that if things were to run on for longer than they could sustain – then this will likely change but at least it allows us to assure our staff that their jobs are safe in the short term. We realise that not many companies will have this luxury at this time and we’re so very grateful that we do work with such fantastic clients and this alone demonstrates how valued our service and staff are to them.

Our commitment to those clients is that we’ll carry on cleaning and already we have developed cleaning schedules to ensure we’re doing deep cleans across all areas. Most are happy with just that whilst others have given us specific tasks to complete and generally just make sure everything is in order until they’re ready to come back to work.

Update of fogging (bio hazard deep cleaning) and costs should the need arise

Yesterday I had a call from a worried client asking for us to get in asap and get a biohazard clean of their premises done and that they were going to be sending all staff home until it was done. This call came through to me around 3.30pm and by 4.15pm everything was in place for cleaning today at 5.00pm. That was the fogging company spoken to, equipment inventory taken, staff booked in and prices agreed with the fogging team for the job involved and also a guarantee to our client that I’d be on site from start to finish to make sure everything went to plan.

As it happens the client decided not to go ahead with this – as it couldn’t be confirmed if their staff member was actually infected with the virus or not. However, it did demonstrate that we can organise things quickly and are ready to go whenever clients require this service.

What about costs? – well, for this job we were quoted 30 pence per square foot (for the fogging only). For this client with a 6,000 sq ft office this was going to work out at £1800 + vat just for the fogging. Whether we can get the company to reduce this price further would depend on how much demand is placed on their services and how many jobs they’re likely to do for us.

We wouldn’t be marking any of this work up should we organise this for you and sincerely hope that this was an exercise that allowed us to test the theory of delivering this service whilst not actually having to put it into practice. However, it’s there if, and when, you need it and will be priced based on your requirements at the time.

Your continued support

We do realise that this is a very difficult time for everyone and I’m sure you will appreciate how hard we’re working to ensure everyone remains safe whilst trying to keep our business and your business going.

If you have (or may yet have to), we’re sure you won’t have made the decision to close your offices easily. Whilst fortunately you may be able to work from home – our cleaners can’t.

I’ve already written to them over the weekend pledging to support them and pay their wages as normal. We have contracts in place with them all and hope by taking this approach that it removes the fear that they too will also have at this particularly frightening time. We don’t want to have to make redundancies and its only with your full support at this time that we can still have a business here to service yours when you do reopen.

So far, all clients that have closed have agreed to support us for a period of at least a month where we hope we can go back to business as normal. I ask again if this is going to be an issue for you that you please let me know immediately so we can let the affected staff members know.

Thanks again for your time, your feedback and your support through these times. I’ll update you again when I have more information to share. If there’s anything else I can do in the meantime do please let me know.

Best regards