We offer reliable, professional one off cleaning in Edinburgh. From specialist one off cleans, repossessions, after party, flooding or you’ve had an accident that needs help to clear – we do it all.

We’ve seen most things over the years. Some we wish we hadn’t but that’s the nature of our work. If it was easy and simple to fix then you wouldn’t be calling us. We realise that you will likely require us to act quickly and that’s not a problem.

Whether you have a relative in hospital and you want their home prepared for them coming home, or you’ve rented out your property and the tenants have left it in an awful state, you’ve been injured and have jobs you can’t manage yourself, require cleaning after a party has gotten out of hand, had an extension or refurbishment and you’ve had builders leave you with a mess they promised they’d clean but haven’t or anything else ranging from having 500 student flats cleaned including the kitchens and ovens etc (yes, we have done that many and have contracts to do this regularly for universities) to a house overrun with 20 cats peeing literally everywhere (we’ve cleaned these too) then we can help.

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With our Specialist One Off Cleans you’ll get:

  • A guarantee that we’ll be there when we say we’ll be there.
  • We’ll be there with the right team and the right tools to get the job done.
  • A commitment to get everything done within budget.
  • Work schedules completed in timely fashion whilst being fully risk aware and security conscious.

We know that you may be working to a tight time schedule and the pressure is on to get this remedied as soon as possible.

A new service we’ve been offering is the deep cleaning of properties where the occupants have been heavy smokers – where we wash all walls down with an enzyme killer and then apply a “kill odour” spray so that the properties can be redecorated leaving no smell or trace of the tobacco. This procedure also works extremely well treating properties that have been “ruined” by animals/pets.

Whatever your requirements or budget considerations – we have the tools, the people and the will to find a solution that works for you. Call us on 0131 549 8107 to make an appointment.