In September 2014 we were looking to improve our cleaning at the Branch. At the time we employed a lady called Ruth who worked 24 hours per week. She had stated that she was looking to reduce her hours to 20 per week. This was not enough to complete the job to the proper standard. I decided to contact 3 local cleaning contractors. Prices were forwarded from each and although these were similar Steve sold his company to me as the preferred supplier by doing the following:

Contact 1 – Missed call to Steve’s mobile phone. Although Steve did not know who had called as I never left my name he used his selling initiative by contacting the number and asked who had called. Following a 5 minute chat Steve had arranged to visit the site.

Contact 2 – Along with my Ops Manager Billy Walker we took Steve through our requirements at the Branch. Steve answered all our questions and added to this with his professional opinion as we toured the site. Within a couple of days we had agreed to take on Complete Cleaning Contract Services to work along with Ruth.

Overview –

We are now 5 months into the arrangement that we have with CCS. The service that is being supplied is everything that Steve had promised. Areas of the cleaning that was ignored prior to the joint cleaning arrangement have been tackled and cleaned to high standard. One of Steve’s promises was that he would manage both his employee and Ruth to ensure that they worked in harmony and tackled the job without any fuss. This has been achieved. A further selling point was that any holidays/illness required by Ruth or Danny from CCS is covered by Steve and his team. As far as International Decorative Surfaces Rosyth is concerned CCS work in a professional manner and deliver on their promises.