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About Complete Cleaning Contracts


“The UK cleaning market is highly fragmented and is breaking down. 3 or 4 big companies own over half of the UK market looking after all the big contracts like hospitals, schools, banks and retailers. At the other end of the spectrum there are over 30,000 small cleaning companies each with less than 10 employees.

So, it’s easy to see why busy office managers struggle to find companies that can speak to them about the challenges they face. Too often they go online to find companies either too big or too small to help, or they see companies that they can’t differentiate between.

Complete Cleaning Contracts has been in business for over 15 years cleaning everything from Greggs stores to fire damaged engine rooms on boats. However, where we feel we’ve made the most impact is in cleaning offices. HOWEVER, they require a very high standard of service almost similar to what you’d expect in your own home and most office managers aren’t getting that. 

As a result we now only work with city centre office managers and turn everything else away. This concentration of our resources and effort means all clients have a 100% guarantee that their needs will be met every day. This is our specialism. Interviewed in their own homes, we already have over 100 dedicated staff here in Edinburgh City Centre looking after clients just like you and we’d love the chance to add you to our growing list of happy clients.”

Stephen Gardiner – Managing Director