Cleaning companies are different in many ways but at the core of our offering is a promise that we will do what we say we will when we say we will. We realise that high quality, reliable office and commercial cleaning is a commodity promised by all – but in reality is not actually delivered by very many.


  • Consistently provide a service that our customers can rely and depend on over and over again.
  • Ensure we provide an exemplary service at a fair price meeting all of our client’s needs.
  • Create a network of satisfied clients that will allow us to work in partnership and grow with them.

We specialise in cleaning offices, shops, stairs, builders cleans and one-off jobs in Edinburgh.

Our experience is very wide and extremely varied (we even clean engine rooms on boats in Leith and further afield) and if you have the time to look through our site and our services we hope you will get a better feel for what we may be able to do for you. However, if you just want a quick call for a chat through your particular cleaning issues, or you want to meet us to receive a quick quote, please call us immediately on 0131 549 8107 and we’ll be delighted to help in any way we can.

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We feel it’s very important to point out that when we take on new clients that nothing is set in stone from our side. We like to review the arrangements within the first 2 weeks to make sure everything is working out for both of us. It may be that we find some parts of the job can be done more quickly and other parts don’t need to be done on all visits. Only when a routine is formed and we know what are the busy parts of your business and what days are busiest can we then tailor make the ideal schedule that works around the life of your business.

We will also want to establish a reporting structure that works for you. Most clients come to us having been in receipt of a poor service from a much larger cleaning company than us. They have received poor service on almost every level from the standards of cleaning on offer to the standards of service they were given by the contract managers that were supposed to be looking after them.

Often clients have had this poor experience more than once and think all cleaning companies are the same. We work hard to give everyone exactly what they expect. Hopefully, if we’re managing your expectations properly, we’ll provide a bit more but almost certainly no less. We even employ our own Standards Manager. This role is unique in that whilst being a Manager they manage no staff. Their only remit is to check all jobs very regularly (some twice weekly) to make sure we’re delivering exactly what we should be across all areas. We’ve found that our clients think this is a great idea as it means we’ve committed extra resource to ensure delivery of the service we promised. However, we have to confess that this role was set up for our own benefit. We know if we’re getting things right then we will retain our clients longer. This provides stability for our business and can provide job security for our staff. Happy clients pay their bills quicker and happy clients recommend us to other companies. Happy clients just make everything work that bit better.

Hopefully you’re now convinced that we are indeed different to other cleaning companies that operate in Edinburgh. However, if you need a little more persuasion we hope these final points help tip the balance our way:

  • We will never ask you to choose from a menu of cleaning options. If your needs change daily, weekly or monthly – we can handle it.
  • We try hard to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We’re not there yet but we’re trying 100%. We do have policies in place to guarantee our levels of service which we’d be happy to discuss further with you if you would like to hear more.
  • When we work in offices and shops we don’t move products and equipment about either. We supply everything you need and leave it on site. It never gets used elsewhere and if you need to use it when we’re not in – it’s there. We also maintain our equipment and will repair and replace as necessary to ensure maximum quality of service is delivered.
  • We employ all of our own cleaners and provide each one of them with a contract of employment that entitles them to paid holidays and sick pay. They all get payslips every month just like everyone else. No cash in hand and none are self employed.
  • We pay them a living wage as opposed to the minimum wage which means we get the very best and we hold on to them longer too.
  • We invoice you once a month and all we ask is you pay us on time.
  • We have a comprehensive insurance policy that is reviewed regularly and topped up as our customer base grows. Our insurance cover is based on our turnover and staff wages – which may cost us a bit more but we feel that it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • We employ our cleaners after having interviewed them in their own homes. We also seek at least 2 satisfactory work based references. If additional checks are required, dependant upon the environment we are working in, then these are done. Many of our staff and Managers are Disclosure Scotland PVG scheme checked.
  • Health and safety considerations are an integral part of our operation, not something “bolted on” to comply with legislation. From day one our staff are trained to assess risks and the possible implications of everything they do. This not only ensures the constant wellbeing of our staff, their colleagues and our clients but also minimises possible accidents and ensures a much smoother flow of business for us all.
  • As we said we’re different. We’re different in many other ways above those that we’ve listed here – but feel that it would be best to demonstrate our passion and commitment with a face to face visit. To arrange this please call 0131 549 8107