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We’ve found over these last few years that it’s been a bit of a challenge for many companies to get their staff back into working in an office environment. 

As a result we helped many of our clients re-open their offices to staff with deep cleans that involved most, if not all, of the services that we’ve highlighted here. 

Most of our clients now buy these additional services on a regular basis as part of their longer term contract with us.

Additional Cleaning Solutions

Internal window cleaning

All full length glass for meeting rooms and offices. A number of clients have this done on a quarterly clean service.

Carpet shampooing

Most clients will have this done at least once per year but some more often especially in heavy use areas.

Kitchen steam cleaning

All kitchen cupboards emptied and fully cleaned plus fridges, microwaves and flooring all steam cleaned. This is something most clients will take on a quarterly basis.

Bathroom steam cleaning

Same as kitchens but all walls, ceilings and floors thoroughly cleaned. Many clients will go for this every 6 months.

IT sanitisation

All keyboards, computer mice, monitors, towers, laptops etc. Clients tend to use this service quarterly or six monthly. If you have an office where hot desking is in operation then quarterly is the better option. All desks are sanitised at the same time in this service

Small spill clean

If someone spills coffee all over their seat/carpet around their desk area we can clean just that small area at very low cost.

Deep clean of all office chairs

For all your office and meeting room chairs they’re fully cleaned from the tops right down to the wheels. With hot desking now more popular than ever many clients opt for this service every 6 months.

Supply of female hygiene units

From sanitary bins to vending machines and air fresheners we can provide everything you need.


For many clients in old townhouse style offices we will annually clean their front steps and steps to the basements if required.

Garden maintenance

We’re not gardeners but can do a spot of weeding and keep the front and basement areas clear.

Floor cleaning/Scrubbing/Polishing

Whether you need regular floor polishing or a scrub deep clean we have the capacity to look after this for you.

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