The ABC way to guarantee cleaning standards

A, B, C approach to Cleaning Standards

When we are about to take on any new client we always do our own A,B,C test. If possible we look to apply it even before we see the prospective client for the first meeting at their premises.

It’s the most simplest of processes but it works every time. It’s as simple as A, B, C.

A – is a person, who is A? A will be your dedicated office cleaner that has the availability to work when you need it and has the right skills and attitude to clean to the schedule and standards that you expect every day. They’ve been vetted by us and have been handpicked precisely for your job.

B – is the person that will cover for A when they’re on holiday or off with a longer term sickness. B must also have the same availability as A with virtually identical skill and standard levels.

C – this is the emergency back up for both A and B. This person is one of our most skilled cleaners and should be able to drop in ninja style into any job at anytime and provide exactly what’s required.

As I said it’s pretty simple stuff but assuming you’ve only got a company looking after you that can supply you with A – then what happens in sickness, holidays and emergencies? Are you being left to do it yourself?

What happens if your A is only a small a? They turn up but don’t really hit the mark. It could be you have a lovely person that’s been there for years but is now going through the motions and you’re having to pick up the slack.

Sounds like you need to meet our D. This is the person that carries out regular audits (normally every 3 weeks) on your premises ensuring A is always A and B is always B.

This simple way of working allows us to guarantee the standards the way you’ve asked us to every day.

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