Matching Cleaners with Jobs

Here's our take...

Pulling a perfect cleaning arrangement together for a client is a task that will ultimately seem very simple at the outset – but for it to work properly, and consistently, it’s far harder than you might think.

When it’s being done properly cleaning is like a fine art form. Watching a great cleaner go about their business is like watching a professional sports person go about their craft and can look effortless and easy if it’s being done properly.

However, how many office managers can say their offices are the way they’d hope to find them each and every morning?

Matching cleaners to jobs is actually more difficult and time consuming than you’d think. Well, at least it seems to be for us. Maybe there’s a better or quicker way to do it but sadly we haven’t found it yet.

The reason for this is that no 2 jobs are the same and neither are any 2 members of staff. Some jobs may always have clients sitting at their desks working late and some cleaners just aren’t comfortable with that and as a result are too embarrassed to ask the client to move. Other cleaners love hoovering and emptying bins but when it comes to cleaning messy desks that are covered in wires for various pieces of tech that are lying around then that same cleaner can lack confidence and becomes fearful of moving or touching something that could turn off.

Knowing all of this intimate information about every single member of staff could prevent problems occurring before they even happen but how would a company go about doing this?

What we do differently from every other office cleaning company, that we know of, is that where possible we hold most cleaner interviews in the cleaners own home. This allows a number of things to happen:

  1. We can see their own cleaning standards first hand

  2. It allows them to be comfortable and confident – after all we’re the stranger in their home

  3. Being comfortable in their own environment allows us to chat more openly about what it is they actually want from a job – and equally what they don’t want

  4. We also get to know the real them, their motivations, aspirations and fears.

Having this type of meeting allows us, with far greater certainty, to ascertain each cleaners’ suitability for certain types of work and what their training needs are likely to be. With this information we can then determine specific workloads and environments that will allow them to flourish and enjoy their work which should lead to a higher performance and better results overall.

This approach works for us and it seems to be working for the clients we work with. We still have clients we’ve had for over 10 years and they still have the same cleaners working for them – that tells its own story.

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