Cleaning priority – Now higher than ever

Before lockdown we were working frantically with clients doing all we could to help them stay open and help them keep their staff safe and healthy.

From increased cleaning schedules and deep cleans (we also introduced Covid19 killing chemicals) – all of a sudden the role of the cleaner went from being largely unnoticed to being one of every company MD’s top priorities.

When we’re back at work, sometime soon, I believe the high level of priority given to cleaning will continue for a long time and many companies will come to see that what they were prepared to accept in the past can’t and won’t be tolerated moving forward.

Too often I hear of cleaning companies billing for more work than is actually being done and during my regular meetings with prospective clients I can see that, as a result, they aren’t getting their basic cleaning needs being met never mind the increased attention that their core areas are now requiring to be met on a daily basis.

Either the whole cleaning industry will have to change dramatically and up its game or we’re going to see more prospective clients pitch their cleaning contracts than we’ve ever seen before. We know that Office Managers will be under even greater pressure to ensure their office cleaning needs are being met and the scrutiny on the cleaners and the cleaning carried out will be at a higher level than any of us will have experienced before.

We already have our processes and procedures in place and all of our clients that were benefitting from them before lockdown will continue to do so when we get back.

We understand that Office Managers need a high standard of cleaning, like you’d want in your own home – but most aren’t getting that. They’re being let down by time cutting, lack lustre and poorly managed cleaning companies time and time again. This may have been something they could have lived with in the past – but not likely moving forward in this new world.

5 years ago we made the decision to dedicate our entire business to looking after only offices in the city centre. This absolute concentration of our resources and effort means all clients have a 100% guarantee that their needs will be met every day.

Their needs will now be greater than they ever were before but with a clear focus on all the right details there’s nothing that we’ve seen that can’t be sorted.

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The support you need is here, now.

Most weeks we’ll receive calls from companies making enquiries to see if we are able to provide cleaning cover whilst their own cleaners are off