Most weeks we’ll receive calls from companies making enquiries to see if we are able to provide cleaning cover whilst their own cleaners are off on holiday or are off long-term sick.

In every case we’re almost unable to help. The main reason being is that it’s too short notice and also we’re not a temp agency where we have a large list of cleaners on standby. Every contract we have is currently serviced by a staff member that’s been carefully selected to deliver on our clients specific needs and if you’ve read any of my previous blogs then you’ll understand why not just anybody can fill the gap you now have.

In the weeks prior to lockdown I had a number of calls from prospective clients worried about the future cleaning needs of their offices. They all had the same concern – they all had long term, employed members of staff that just weren’t able to cope with the job anymore. In each case their cleaner hadn’t been coping for a while and was struggling with the usual day to day tasks never mind taking into consideration the new lists of tasks required to keep their offices clean in this newly changed world.

In all the meetings I had each of these prospective clients was worried about how to progress. Their cleaners had been employed directly by them for many years and were seen as valued team members. All of them were near retirement and all, in addition to their 28 days holidays, were increasingly taking more and more time off sick with each passing year.

So, whilst things needed to change we were very keen to build a package of cleaning that supported their current cleaner but could also be stepped up to cover when they were off on holiday/illness.

There’s a couple of ways this could work:

  1. Dependant upon size of office we supply a cleaner three times a week (2 -3 hrs each shift) and we’re covering all the core areas leaving their own cleaner to still come in daily and do lighter duties. When their cleaner goes off on holiday/or off ill we then step up and come in every day.
  2. If you have a larger office then you may need us in for a couple of hours every day doing all the core areas and doing the bulk of the hoovering (especially if you have stairs) again leaving your cleaner to do lighter but still important duties. Again when your cleaner is off – we step our hours up and cover the whole job.

We already work this way in a number of cleaning contracts and it just means that the office management team there isn’t having to do any of the cleaning at all – and especially not for any extended periods. Also, they aren’t having to waste countless hours phoning around agencies to see who is available and then countless more hours showing them around the building (and checking the work) of the temp that does come in.

We think this is the way that more companies will need to move and in organising this now you’ll have got your present and future needs being met right now.