What do customer testimonials mean to us?

When a respected, busy client takes time out of their day to let us know how impressed they are with the cleaning service we offer it’s well ……….. well, it’s quite hard to describe if we’re being totally honest. Not because we don’t think we’re worthy of it – far from the case, but these days high praise is a currency in steep decline. We know we’re not operating in the good news business and we know that if we’re doing our jobs properly and consistently then we will, invariably, hear very little. We know that we’re doing a good job when we send out our monthly invoice and it’s paid on time without fuss or hassle.

That’s not just how our business works – pretty much everything is like that these days. As a nation we’ve become quite reactive when something displeases us, and in search of a solution to the problem we have we can often be too quick to be critical but it’s a rare time that we actually stop, think and appreciate what we have experienced. We now have a growing number of clients (all current contracts and all featuring on our testimonials page that have taken the time to phone or write and offer their compliments on the service we’ve been providing.

How rewarding was that? Well, it means the world to us if we’re being genuinely honest. We all work hard and at times we know the standards we set for ourselves, whilst exceptionally high, become after a time almost expected. We work hard to ensure we’re constantly delivering on what we promise and this is demonstrated with how long we generally work with our clients. However, to know that what you’re doing is appreciated and it’s making a real difference and impacting on people’s lives to a point where they feel the need to convey their thanks just means everything.

If you’ve read some of our other blog posts you’ll see us often remark that we feel that the best business is done when there’s a bond of trust between the people involved and that goes further than just the terms of a contract. Our aim is always to become a partner supporting our clients business rather than just being classified as yet another supplier. More often than not we’re in their offices when they’re not. We’re being trusted to look after their business. Not the daily running for sure – but the physical aspects of it. Ensuring everything is in order for their staff and clients to do great business in a clean, fresh, professional environment.

To some cleaning is seen as a commodity that is often faceless, invisible and is most often undervalued. However, we know there are folks out there that view it differently. These kind of clients tend to work with us. We love working with them. We’ve always got room on our books for more of them. We can even introduce them to staff that feel the same way about us. Great staff. Great clients. Great partnerships. That’s what it means to us.

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Most weeks we’ll receive calls from companies making enquiries to see if we are able to provide cleaning cover whilst their own cleaners are off