Need a change from the old routine?

To say we’re the hardest working cleaning company in town may be a strong statement to make but we’re bold enough to say we’re working harder than anyone to put cleaning on another level. In more ways than you’d expect.

Too often we meet prospective clients that think all cleaners are lazy, time cutting, can’t take instructions and have a lazy fare attitude to their work. Too often that stereotype is backed up by a company culture that’s equally laidback in their approach to fixing the clients problems.

That’s why clients move around a lot. It seems it’s always been that way and unless somebody stands up and finally calls this out for what it is it’ll keep carrying on being like that.

Let’s address the real issues that we know office managers see every day.

  1. Cleaners cut time and try and get away with anything they can.
  2. If the client complains then things will change for a bit then it’ll slip back again to the way it always has.
  3. Nobody checks on the cleaners unless a complaint is made.
  4. Standards vary from great to very poor depending on the cleaner you have.
  5. If things are going great it’s only down to pure luck because you’ve got a cleaner that actually cares – as most don’t really.
  6. When your cleaner goes on holiday the standards from the cover cleaners are so poor you’d be better doing the job yourself.
  7. You’ve emailed the cleaning manager assigned to look after you but they haven’t phoned or emailed you back in over a week.
  8. Your bills are constantly wrong and you’re regularly overcharged for things.
  9. You’ve been meaning to get rid of this lot for a long time but you can’t be bothered with the hassle as the great fear is that although the cleaners you’ve got aren’t great you might get even worse ones in.

We’ve heard all of the above more than once over the years and you probably wouldn’t be surprised to know that we’ve heard of much worse going’s on too.

However, not all cleaning companies are the same. Whilst we work exceptionally hard to make sure our offering is as complete as it can be – we still don’t win every single job we go for as there are quite a few good operators out there.

So, don’t be afraid to make a change to the old routine. If all of our clients had kept putting up with what they’d dealt with in the past then we wouldn’t have the business we have now.

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Most weeks we’ll receive calls from companies making enquiries to see if we are able to provide cleaning cover whilst their own cleaners are off