Save close to 30% on your cleaning costs

How does your cleaner clean your offices?

Do they tackle one room at a time? Doing all the dusting, then hoovering, then mopping and emptying the bins before going on to do the exact same routine again in the room next door?

Research has proven that up to 28% of time is lost by multitasking ineffectiveness, not to mention that multitaskers make more mistakes than non-multitaskers and suffer more stress as a result.

Our focus is always to be working on a task-specific basis – that way nothing gets missed and it keeps things simpler and allows us to get more done in less time. So, if we’re emptying bins at the start of a shift we’d go around the whole building first doing just that in every room, kitchen and bathroom. In the process of doing that we’ve also done a pre-clean inspection and know exactly what the focus is for the shift ahead – we know what rooms have been busy, the ones not been used that day at all and can work out where our efforts are best deployed.

If, for example, we spot the boardroom upstairs has 40 used cups, glasses and plates on the table plus pizza boxes and beer bottles lying around then we know the bulk of our time will be spent focussed there rather than hoovering the main stairwell that day.

Normally once the bins are taken care of we’ll move to dusting the whole building (all desks in all rooms across all floors) then it’s onto getting all the hoovering done then we move to kitchens and bathrooms. Working this way keeps things easy and we always know that everything is done.

Working this way saves loose ends piling up, it speeds up cleaning schedules and it saves our clients money. An additional benefit is it keeps cleaners and clients happy. What’s not to like?

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