All our eggs are in the one basket

Our success and understanding are lessons that came from repeated failures. As part of a recent marketing exercise, we identified that most office managers are likely to encounter a possible 19 pain points where they find service delivery doesn’t match with their expectations. We know them all. A few of the main examples range from:

  1. Cleaners not working to a clear schedule
  2. The cleaners always leaving early never doing their full shift
  3. Too many things not being done properly meaning the Office Manager ends up catching up on many more tasks than they should
  4. Security concerns where alarms have t been set of doors left unlocked
  5. New cleaners being shown in at regular intervals because the company just can’t hold on to staff

And whilst we may not have been involved in all of them we have seen the biggest and most regular offenders often. To be honest we still sometimes do but we now know how to fix them promptly so they don’t raise their head again.

We now have strong processes and a much stronger team to make sure these are being applied every day. These are lessons made through mistakes or perhaps when we’d taken our eye off the ball. It’s not that we were ever complacent but perhaps believed that once something was fixed and dealt with that it would remain that way – which we now realise is only ever true at the time of fixing something but that can’t ever be guaranteed to still be working properly tomorrow or the next day or the week after that. Process and procedures have had to come to the fore to ensure every part of our business is working as well as it should.

From getting toilet rolls on site on time every month to making sure dish towels are laundered and in plentiful supply are every bit as important as the quality of the cleaning. Every aspect of our work is open to critique and every minute on a client site has to deliver value for money.

For this reason, we’ve put all our eggs in one basket and only now manage office cleaning contracts. We have done much more over the years but we’ve honed our expertise and understanding in this one sector and that’s where we now do all of our work and focus all of our energies. If that makes us a specialist in this field then that can only be for the betterment for our current clients and those we’re yet to work for.

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Most weeks we’ll receive calls from companies making enquiries to see if we are able to provide cleaning cover whilst their own cleaners are off